P2P Schedule.png

Daily schedule subject to change, but will never change without proper notification*

In a program like Path 2 Pro academics must be a players top priority.  Our players will have access to a professional tutor five days a week within our facility in addition to their online teachers at school.  All players in Path 2 Pro will be expected to perform to the classroom standards set forth by their parents prior to the beginning of the season.

Players will have on ice skills each week Monday through Thursday in their group that is decided by both age and skill level. Each day our on ice skills sessions will focus on a specific set of skills that will be immediately transferable to a game situation.


Off ice skills will take place five days a week and include at least three workouts with XP University along with yoga, stretching, mindfulness and work in our Sense Arena room.

Groups will be limited to no more than 8 players per group and will be Co-Ed.

*Players must supply their own meals each day*