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Our skating treadmill is an excellent source for technical training, strength and conditioning for teams or individuals of any age or skill level. Treadmill training offers exceptional supplementary training opportunities to those looking to enhance speed, skating stride and acceleration.

Our state of the art treadmill room features a top of the line skating treadmill plus synthetic ice 270 degrees around the treadmill for ancillary work like shooting, stickhandling and passing.

Our professional coaching staff provide immediate feedback to enhance your improvement quickly.

Purchase a 5 pack to maximize your skating technique over time, we feel as though you will see the most benefit from multiple sessions instead of just purchasing one.  *Each player in the group lesson must purchase their own lesson pack.*

After purchasing your 5 pack, you will be provided with your unique promo code.  Simply enter this code each time you sign up for up for a class to redeem and schedule your classes.


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