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Join our 5000 Shot Challenge this summer to improve your shot and have fun within our community!


Every Sunday all participants will receive their shot tracking sheet along with three video tips from our coaching staff to help improve all of their shots.  All participants will also have access to our coaching staff to ask unlimited questions throughout the challenge.


When: Players will have 12 weeks to shoot 5000 shots from June 10 to August 31.


Where: At home!  We want players from all over the world to be able to participate.


Giveaways: Each week we will announce a shooter of the week who will win an Elev802 Boston t-shirt and a free video shooting lesson.  All players are eligible for the weekly giveaway, but must shoot a minimum of 300 pucks that week to win.


Grand Prizes (3): Three Grand Prizes will be announced at the conclusion of the 5000 Shot Challenge.  These winners will receive a free Elev802 Boston hoodie, 2 free on-ice private lessons, one free skating treadmill lesson and an Elev802 Boston accessory bag.

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