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The Growth Program

Academics Meet Development

Focused on Academic and Hockey excellence The Growth Program brings schoolwork and hockey together in a progressive learning environment.  


While The Growth Program does not replace your current team, it does serve as an invaluable tool that puts academic and athletic development in one location for co-ed students up to 10th grade.  


At The Growth Program your days are spent fulfilling your academic obligations through an accredited online program overseen by professional tutors with both on and off-ice training run by our coaching staff.  You are then able to train with your team in the evenings.  This multi-faceted program is designed to help serious athletes reach their hockey goals.  Our staff features professionals in education, on-ice coaching, and off-ice training.

EDUCATION: While attending The Growth Program you must be enrolled in an accredited online education program; our top choice is TECCA Connections Academy.  Connections Academy provides an award winning curriculum, caring teachers, personalized instruction and direct parent involvement.  The Growth Program also provides full time academic supervision to assist with coursework questions and a dedicated classroom that provides a focused learning setting.  In addition to completing your schoolwork, The Growth Program will help our student-athletes apply for NCAA Clearinghouse and prepare for standardized tests (SAT, ACT, etc).

ON-ICE DEVELOPMENT: Our student-athletes will skate three days per week with our coaching staff.  These small groups (no more than six players) are designed to be a progressive learning environment.  The Growth Program's on-ice focus will work on developing each player's individual skills while enhancing their on-ice game play.  Skating, shooting, passing, playmaking, compete, IQ, and more will be enhanced during our 34 weeks on the ice.  Players will also learn through daily video work using various clips gathered from the NHL, NCAA, and other leagues around the globe.

OFF-ICE TRAINING: Each day, The Growth Program will provide our student-athletes with customized workouts in our gym.  This training facility is run by XP University, which has extensive experience training and developing athletes off the ice.  Workouts will focus on body posture, mobility, flexibility, strength, pliability, and injury prevention.  The Growth Program athletes will also have the opportunity to work with Trainer MD, a state-of-the-art human performance optimization platform that assists players in nutrition, body analysis, and body composition.  Players will also receive one treadmill lesson per week on our state of the art Skating Treadmill.

FINANCIAL: Custom payment plans are available for all players and families.



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